AWS Cost Saving made

The Grumatic approach to
saving AWS costs


One-Click. That’s all it takes to implement action items to optimize your costs. Hands-off cloud cost-saving in its simplest form.


Each cloud is different. Customized monitoring options with real-time alerts. Know how you spend to take control of your costs.


Cloud cost optimization isn’t rocket science, it’s artificial intelligence. Let our A.I. engine tell you where and how to save.

Why Grumatic?

AWS cost management made easier, and cheaper

Never be blindsided with a surprise invoice. Grumatic Anomaly Detection engine, powered by artificial intelligence, monitors your cloud in real-time—for each service. Get notified as soon as an anomaly pops up, so you can take action immediately.

Biggest savings from the best practices. Grumatic boasts the largest best practice library —more than 80+ use cases from real products. Simply click on the recommended action items to make changes to your cloud, and instantly start saving.

You have a budget, so keep to it. Build discount strategies for your next AWS cloud using reserved instances, savings plans, and other vendor discounts—based on your actual usage. Let us plan out your next cloud bill, a smaller one.

How Grumatic Works

AWS cost savings in 3 steps
Begin by configuring your AWS Cost and Usage Report and Amazon CloudWatch. You can also link 3rd party monitoring tools such as Datadog, New Relic, and Dynatrace for the ultimate experience. You’re now ready to understand your cloud.
Gain complete visibility into your AWS costs, including resource utilization and usage in one picture with multi-dimensional analysis. Based on the data collection tool(s) you configured, we’ll find the best cost-saving opportunities.
All it takes is a single click. No need to navigate the complicated console or re-configure your EC2 settings yourself. Apply our recommended cost-saving action plans instantly, and set up a routine schedule to keep saving.

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Save 10% or more on your AWS costs. That’s an additional 10% on your bill, regardless of whatever optimization tool you may already be using —A money-back guarantee from us. On average, businesses that have successfully implemented Grumatic save 65% of their monthly AWS invoice.

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